septic tank maintenance

Septic Tank Maintenance Service

If you’re currently using a septic system then you know that proper maintenance is of the utmost importance.

Not only does regular and competent maintenance ensure that the system runs smoothly, but it can also reduce the likelihood of costly repairs and refits.

Proper maintenance will also increase the length of time between necessary cleaning and draining, minimizing the potential disruption at your home or place of work.

We also offer a septic pumpout service that can occur as part of the maintenance service.

How Often Should A Septic System Be Professionally Serviced?

septic pump outIt’s good to have your septic system inspected every few years. And, with responsible use and regular maintenance, your system may only need pumping every 5 years. These ranges will vary based on a number of factors, including the complexity of components and day-to-day strain on the system. As such, make sure to consult an expert to establish the optimal schedule.

Professional septic system maintenance includes a number of important steps and procedures:  

  • Accurate measurement and testing of the system’s overall health
  • Removal of excess solids and sludge build up 
  • Cleaning and clearing pipes
  • Checking for mechanical or electrical problems
  • Drain field maintenance including digging etc.
  • Replacing or repairing parts, including filters and pumps

If you choose not to have your septic system regularly maintained and pumped, it could result in excess buildup, meaning that sewerage could backup into your home, along with non-functioning drains, toilets, and bad odours. 

How To Maintain A Septic System Between Servicing Calls 

Illustration of a conventional septic systemAs the owner of a septic system, there’s a lot you can do day-to-day to maintain overall health and functioning. These include:

  • Using water efficiently
  • Being mindful of what you put down the drain (avoiding harsh chemicals, garbage, or greasy substances)
  • Keeping your drain field clear
  • Maintaining a record of repairs, and keeping to a schedule for regular professional inspections

Generally, toilet paper should be the only “outside” solids you introduce to your system. The best toilet papers to use for septic systems will be those that break down the quickest. As such, look for toilet paper labeled as “biodegradable”, “fast dissolving”, or “recycled”.

Whether you live in Sooke, Victoria, Langford, or in other areas of South Vancouver Island, contact SP Pump & Tanks for septic tank maintenance. If you notice poor flushing, unpleasant odors, overflow from your tank’s manholes or pools of water in the yard, you could be experiencing a system failure. To learn more about septic tanks or to schedule an appointment for one of our septic services, give us a call today!

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