Septic System Planning, Design & Installation

There are two main reasons to use a septic system. The first is necessity, if your area or building doesn’t have access to municipal sewers. The other is due to the inherent efficiency and on-site convenience offered.

Septic systems, if implemented and maintained properly, can also be more environmentally friendly and save money in the long run. 

However, all of this depends on correct planning, design, and implementation at the outset.

Why Is Professional Septic System Design Important?

Septic system design and planning must take into account details of the specific site. These include:

septic tank services
  • Soil type
  • Water-table height
  • Well location
  • Property lines
  • Local regulations
  • Site slope and size
  • Prevailing weather
  • Wastewater production and use

One of the first steps in planning a septic system is a soil percolation test, also known as a perc test. This test determines the drainage capacity of the ground around your proposed drainage field. It may turn out that the site is not suitable for a septic system at all, or the results will determine the particular design that’s used.

There are a number of designs, configurations, and combinations associated with the choice of septic tank, septic field, and overall system design. Whether the system involves gravity or pump-assisted drainage, whether the tank includes additional features to encourage bacterial activity.

Septic tanks themselves have a number of different basic designs, with different costs, benefits, and maintenance needs. Septic tanks can be built in different sizes and from various materials like:

  • Fiberglass
  • Concrete
  • Plastic
  • Steel

Our experts can help you choose the best design for your needs.

Expert professionals can also help you navigate local building and planning regulations, handle the testing phase, conduct site preparation including digging. 

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