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How the Septic System In Your Vancouver Island Home Works

SP Pumps & Tanks has many years of experience serving the South Vancouver Island area, and we have found that in our experience many people don’t know how their systems work. For properties that don’t have access to municipal sewage disposal, the alternative is an underground unit where bacteria take care of the bulk of the waste. The leftovers separate into three layers:

  • Solids, which settle to the bottom into a layer known as sludge.
  • Grease and oil, which float to the top as scum.
  • Liquids, which discharge from the tank to filter through the soil and rejoin the water table.


  • Maintaining and prolonging the life of your system.
  • Identifying issues critical to performance.
  • Offer solutions for adjustments, alterations or replacements.
  • Avoid mishaps and financial loss from a broken down system.
  • Create a service report.

During every service, we examine your system in detail in order to best improve performance, identify potential problems, and keep you up to date with what we find.  

Maintenance Keeps Your System Working Properly

While your waste disposal network is out of sight beneath your backyard, proper maintenance is some of the most important septic information you should know. The most important thing you can do as a property owner is vigilantly monitor the materials that enter your tank. Since the setup relies on bacteria to break things down, it’s vital that you limit the amount of antibacterial or antiseptic substances that exit your home. Failure to do so could create an inhospitable environment for these integral microscopic creatures. You should also have a professional come periodically to pump out the sludge layer and add bacteria back into the system.

Whether you live in Sooke, Victoria, Langford or any other area of South Vancouver Island, contact SP Pumps & Tanks for installation, repair and maintenance of your waste disposal unit. If you notice poor flushing, unpleasant odors, overflow from your tank’s manholes or pools of water in the yard, you could be experiencing a failing system. To learn more septic tank facts or schedule an appointment for one of our environmental services, give us a call today!