mini excavation service

Mini-Excavation Service

SP Pump and Tanks has just acquired two brand-new John Deere excavators: the Mini-17G and Mini-35G.

These two units balance power and reach with low-impact versatility and compact design, making them perfect for any job requiring precision digging in tight spaces.

We can help in the inspection, repair, and construction of septic field systems with minimal impact to your yard or home. The Mini-17G and Mini-35G can squeeze through narrow gates and down garden paths to tackle the job, leaving your garden intact. 

Both the 17G and 35G diggers include the following features:

  • Compact design
  • On-the-spot turning
  • Low-impact rubber tracks
  • All-round visibility

Read more about these individual units below…

35G Compact Excavator

John Deere 35G compact excavatorThe 35G excavator is perfect for those jobs where you need a little extra power and reach but access and space are still an issue. 

Boasting over 17kW of power and a digging depth of 10 feet, this machine will get down to where you need it. 

Just like the 17G it also has:

  • No tail swing when turning
  • Adjustable rubber tracks
  • All-round visibility

The engine of the 35G also automatically adjusts its power output to produce less noise and lower emissions, making this an all-round choice for low-impact/high-precision work.

17G Micro Excavator

John Deere 17G mini excavator

Our new 17G mini-excavator offers powerful and precise access to even the most sensitive excavating site. 

Rubber tracks, excellent visibility, an independent swing boom, and variable-width undercarriage make for a versatile digger capable of navigating the narrowest gaps, paths, and alleyways. 

But don’t let the size fool you. This excavator can dig more than 7 feet down with 10.8kW of power.

With this equipment at your disposal, our experienced operators will be able to undertake work including the laying, inspecting, or repairing of underground pipes and septic systems.

So, if you have a yard or workspace in need of a light touch anywhere in the Greater Capital Region, and a job requiring top-quality equipment handled by experienced operators, then we’re the company you’re looking for.

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